Selecting the right air medical transport service can be one of the most difficult challenges you may ever face in your life.

We hope you will take a moment to learn more about Global Life Flight and its people, services and dedication to providing the highest level of medical care.

Having the best response time within North America, with ready access to aircraft equipped as airborne intensive care units, and a full-time medical staff gives us the advantage over others to provide you with the best quality care while in transit.  From our bases throughout Mexico, we are able to conveniently and cost-effectively transport your loved ones bedside to bedside.  We can arrange critical and non-critical medical evacuation flights on a moment’s notice.

Whether you need to be repatriated aboard a flying Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Learjet or be transported via ground critical care, Global Life Flight can arrange: ICU-configured Learjet’s, ground critical care transportation, medical escort and helicopter services-all available 7 days a week and 365 days a year through our Trilingual Communications Center (English, Spanish and French).

If you don’t select us, we hope you will select a company like us.

Skilled, compassionate medical air transportation.

Most tourists think ahead about everything they will need for their planned vacation:  Sunblock, cameras, postcards, swimsuits and comfortable shoes are all given careful consideration.  However, rarely does the tourist do any advance planning to protect his health, such as identifying dependable worldwide air ambulance service before it is needed.  Most often, the traveler makes his trip abroad but caution stays home.

Few travelers consider the possibility of ever needing medical air transportation at home, much less in a foreign country.  However, the vacation or business trip abroad is precisely when it is most important to identify and prepare for air or ground medical transport.  If illness or accident strikes, one is far from home, unfamiliar with local emergency services and possibly uninsured for foreign medical emergencies.  On the other hand, with some research and advance planning, the traveler can rest assured that his well-being is never at risk.  Familiarize yourself with your insurer’s policy on international health coverage, identify a reliable service provider such as Global Life Flight and you’ll greatly increase your chances of receiving optimal care in the event the worst happens.

Global Life Flight is, quite literally, a rare bird in the aeromedical transport industry.  While most providers staunchly stick to cash-only payment, we work with you-or your insurance company on your behalf-to get our aeromedical services covered.  If insurance coverage is not possible, we offer great flexibility in our payment options so you never have to choose between quality care and financial security.

We welcome you to prepare our service, our aeromedical transport rates and our dedication to affordable care with anyone else in the industry, in or around Mexico.

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