What is an Air Ambulance?
An Air Ambulance is an aircraft that is equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) trained medical transport specialists and portable ALS medical equipment to transport, in tandem with ground ambulances, ill or injured person(s) from medical facility to medical facility, regardless of distance.

What service does Global Life Flight Provide?
At Global Life Flight, we tailor the service to the patient’s particular medical needs. The most common service is complete, worry-free “Bedside-to-Bedside” medical transport. It includes a ground ambulance for transport from the medical facility of origin to the airport, the air ambulance for transport from airport to airport, and ground ambulance for transport from the airport to the medical facility of destination. Global Life Flight coordinates all participants an all aspects of transport from beginning to end.

What is "Bedside to Bedside" Service and why is it important?
Bedside to bedside service means that the medical crew is with the patient from the discharging facility, on the flight, and is with the patient until arrival at the receiving facility. Although many companies do not provide this service, Global Life Flight considers that bedside to bedside service is very important and we provide this service on every flight. It allows our crews to maintain continuity in care, even while on the ground ambulance and also insures that a detailed medical report is given to the receiving medical crew.

What types of patients require an air ambulance?
Patients that need to be transported distances over 200 miles and require medical attention and/or are unable to tolerate sitting upright in an airliner. Global Life Flight typically transports patients injured while on vacation needing to be flown home, patients with serious medical conditions needing transportation to a distant medical center that has capabilities unavailable locally, chronically ill patients who want to relocate closer to family members, and patients who are traveling outside the US or any other country and become ill or injured requiring evacuation back to the United States or its final destination.

Where does Global Life Flight arrange air ambulance transportation?
Global Life Flight can arrange both domestic and international air ambulance service.  Government safety regulations for origin and destinations dictate how quickly an aircraft can be dispatched.  Our Communications Center will arrange all flight, customs, immigration and international handling services as quickly as possible.

Will insurance pay for my air ambulance services?
Yes, in many situations insurance companies will cover the costs involved depending on the medical necessity of the transport. We will bill the insurance company directly in all written pre-approved cases. Otherwise payment, including co-payments and deductibles is due prior to aircraft dispatch.

How do i pay for my Global Life Flight services?
Global Life Flight accepts certified checks, credit cards, bank wire transfers, cash and pre-approved insurance as forms of payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. A combination of credit cards is acceptable. All services are paid for prior to aircraft dispatch. And we work with major insurance companies.

Can someone travel with the patient?
Yes, there is no additional charge for accompanying the patient, depending on space and medical needs of the patient. The most part of the time 2 relatives are allowed to go with the patient on board with no extra charges.

What are Global Life Flight operating hours?
Our dispatch office staffed with an experienced flight coordinator is ALWAYS OPEN to assist you. We never close. We are always willing to help you!

Can GLOBAL LIFE FLIGHT assist me in determining whether my insurance will cover the charges?
Yes. Our Flight Coordinators will call your insurance company on your behalf and attempt to obtain pre-authorization. In addition, Global Life Flight will submit all claim forms and other required documentation. If we are able to obtain an authorization from your insurance company we will not require payment at the time of service.

What arrangements does GLOBAL LIFE FLIGHT make for the flight?
Global Life Flight makes all arrangements regarding the air ambulance flight. This includes having our Medical Director or Medical Crew Supervisor obtain a pre-flight medical consult, arranging ground ambulances at both ends of the flight, Clearing Customs and immigration, ordering in-flight catering, handling insurance paperwork, notifying the receiving hospital of the arrival time and confirming bed availability, as well as any special requests of the family.

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