Cardiovascular Equipment
Lifepack 11 (12 lead EKG cardiac monitor,defibrillator, external pacemaker).
Propaq 106 EL with invasive pressure monitoring, including arterial pressure, central venous pressure, pulmonary artery pressure and non-invasive pressure monitoring capabilities.
I.V. equipment for peripheral and central venous access and intraosseous infusion.
Minimed 3 infusion pumps.

Airway and Ventilation and Oxygen Equipment
Full airway management capability for all ages including endotracheal and surgical airway capabilities.
Portable mechanical ventilators (adult/pediatric/neonatal) capable of supporting any patient respiratory needs.
Over 6,000 liters of oxygen backup installed in the aircraft plus portable oxygen tanks.

Trauma and Burns Equipment
-Cervical spine and torso immobilization devices allowing for secure transport of multiple trauma patients of all ages.
-Traction splints.
-Chest tube drainage sets.
-Dressing materials for wound care and burn care.

Pediatric Capabilities
-Full neonatal resuscitation equipment.
-Double-walled isolate incubator for neonatal transport with electronic temperature control mounted in the aircraft.

-Full ACLS medications available for all ages including thrombolytic agents.
-Specialty drugs available to meet individual patient needs as determined through medical assessment.
-Global Life Flight also has access to blood products when necessary.

Portable Laboratory Equipment
We carry i-STAT portable analyzers with blood gases, electrolytes, hemoglobin and glucose measurement capabilities aboard all flights.

Obstetrical Equipment
Obstetrical kits available for normal and complicated obstetrical conditions.
-Fetal doppler for monitoring fetal heart during flight.

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